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Ford Popular 100E at Oulton Park photo on Classic Fords UK

The car on this page is a Ford Popular 100E at Oulton Park, one of many early and rare Fords that I've seen at various classic car shows over the last few years. Having owned several classic cars myself, including upright Pops, Prefects, and sidevalve-based Specials, I decided to set up this site featuring many of my favourite https://pocketoption.com.ph/legit cars, pickups and vans, all of which wear the oval badge.

(Image #67) Popular 100E at Oulton Park Photo

Ford Popular 100E at Oulton Park
Details of this old Ford picture: A grey 100E ready to race at Oulton Park in 2002. Note how low the car now sits on its modified suspension

There are many more photos of similar old Fords like this one of a classic Popular 100E at Oulton Park - please see the homepage menu for more! Below is a live snapshot of Popular 100E items on Ebay auctions today https://www.pocketoption.com.ph .

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