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Ford Anglia 105E circuit racer
Ford Anglia 105E Estate car
Ford Anglia 105E ice cream van
Ford Anglia 105E racing car
Ford Anglia 105E rally car
Ford Anglia 307E Thames van
Ford Ashley 1172 Coupe engine
Ford Ashley 1172cc Coupe front view
Ford Capri Mk1 3 litre
Ford Capri Mk1 GXL facelift
Ford Capri Mk3 racer
Ford Consul Classic
Ford Consul Mk1
Ford Corsair 2000E
Ford Corsair Police car
Ford Cortina Lotus Mk2
Ford Cortina Lotus Mk2 on Minilites
Ford Cortina Mk1 1965
Ford Cortina Mk1 4 door
Ford Cortina Mk1 drag racer
Ford Cortina Mk1 GT
Ford Cortina Mk2 Crayford
Ford Cortina Mk2 Estate
Ford Cortina Mk2 Savage
Ford Cortina Mk3
Ford E83W badge
Ford E83W front radiator cover
Ford E83W van
Ford E88T Fordson
Ford E88T Fordson lorry
Ford Escort 100E
Ford Escort Mk1
Ford Escort Mk1 rear view
Ford Escort RS2000
Ford Fairlane Sedan 1957
Ford Falcon Caribbean special
Ford Granada Mk1 Coupe
Ford GT70
Ford Lotus Cortina Mk1 for sale
Ford Lotus Cortina Mk1 in green
Ford Lotus Cortina Mk1 in the air
Ford Lotus Cortina Mk1 pairing
Ford Lotus Cortina Mk1s
Ford Model A van
Ford Model AA flatbed
Ford Model AA truck
Ford Model C Tudor
Ford Model T
Ford Model T dashboard
Ford Model T front view
Ford Model T open top
Ford Mustang in white
Ford Mustang Mach 1
Ford Mustang Mark 1
Ford Mustang on special stage
Ford Popular 100E at Oulton Park
Ford Popular 100E driving past
Ford Popular 100E engine
Ford Popular 100E front view
Ford Popular 100E in yellow
Ford Popular 100E racer
Ford Popular 100E restoration project
Ford Popular 103E
Ford Popular 103E grille
Ford Popular 103E in green
Ford Popular 103E in grey
Ford Prefect 107E
Ford Prefect E493A in beige
Ford Prefect E493A in black
Ford Prefect E493A in green
Ford Rochdale 100E engine
Ford Sierra Cosworth modsports
Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500
Ford Squire 100E estate
Ford Thames 300E Cobra
Ford Thames 300E in grey
Ford Thames 300E resto project
Ford Thames 300E resto project front view
Ford Thames 400E
Ford Thames 400E pickups
Ford Thames E83W Pickup truck
Ford Thames Trader
Ford Thunderbird
Ford Thunderbird in pink
Ford Tractor
Ford Transit Mk1 van
Ford Tyrrell with DFV
Ford V8 Pilot banger racer
Ford V8 Pilot front
Ford Zephyr Mk2
Ford Zephyr Mk2 in maroon
Ford Zephyr Mk2 two tone
Ford Zephyr Six Mk1 Estate
Ford Zephyr Six Mk1 Estate rear view
Ford Zodiac Mk2 rally car
Ford Zodiac Mk2 rear view
Fordson 5cwt van rear view
Fordson E494C van
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Welcome to Classic Fords UK.

Photos and information on old Fords.

Classic Fords UK contains a stack of photographs of classic Ford cars, vans and pickups photographed at a number of classic and vintage car events up and down the country.

Whether you are interested in older pre-1950s Fords, or later examples of Dagenhams finest, you should be able to find something here of interest. Plus there are a few examples of US Fords as well as all the UK types of Ford car that are more commonly found in the UK.

Many pictures were taken at Classic car shows across Cheshire and Northern England, with a good number having been taken at historic motor racing meetings at Oulton Park, and Goodwood down in Sussex. There are a variety of types of old Ford on show here, including estate cars, saloons, vans, pickups and even the occasional dragster and tractor.

Also featured are the Fordson and Ford Thames ranges of commercial vehicles and tractors, as are converted Ford models such as the Cortina Savage and Crayford convertible.

I have been into classic cars for nearly 20 years, and have owned a quite a selection. The Fords I've owned are a couple of Thames commercials and a pair of the 1950s type Ford based Specials, in addition to a handful of later Fords which I've ran as second cars.

As I attend more classic car shows in future I'll be adding to this site to build up this archive of old Ford car images, so please bookmark this site and keep bobbing by to see whats new.


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